Tuesday, June 05, 2007

19 July -13 August Premiere at The Arts House

We moved to a new website http://invisiblecity.sg

Invisible City chronicles the ways which people attempt to leave a mark before they and their histories disappear. From an avid amateur film director trying to preserve his decaying trove of Singapore footage to an intrepid Japanese journalist hunting down Singaporean war veterans, Tan Pin Pin draws out doubts, regrets and the poignantly ordinary moments of these protagonists as they attempt immortality. Through their footage and photos rarely seen until now, we begin to perceive faint silhouettes of a City that could have been. Quiet, elegiac and memorable, this is a singular cinematic experience not to be missed.

Exclusively at the Arts House

TICKETS $8 (Adults), $6 (Students with ID) Arts House Box Office 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore Ticketing hotline: 6332 6919 Internet booking: tickets@toph.com.sg

FURTHER INFORMATION Teng Qian Xi (Publicist)
T: 91184857
E: watchinvisiblecity@gmail.com

TECHNICAL INFORMATION 60 minutes, shot on DVCam, screening on miniDV In Mandarin, Japanese and English with Chinese and English subtitles Directed & Produced by Tan Pin Pin Rated PG

Monday, April 23, 2007

Wrap around

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lost City

In these cans lie 30 hours of footage shot in the 50's and 60's, Malaya. It is possibly the only colour footage shot and collected by an individual of that time period. He shot weddings, street scenes, wildlife, random everyday moments. Every detail mersmerising by virtue of their distance from the present. Ivan, now 86, is racing against time to annotate the images, but after two brain operations, he is not his usual 100%. Without any footnotes, these strips become orphaned, without context as to what where why and whom.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Invisible City Goes to Pusan

Invisible City wins the Asian Network of Documentary Production Award.
It will be presented at Pusan International Film Festival 2006. This is
the first time the fund is opened to Asian Projects. Invisible City is
one of 6 Asian (non Korean) projects to win 5 million won. I will be
there to attend the festival for the first time.

"Tan Pin Pin's previous work Singapore GaGa confirmed that she is an adept and serious filmmaker, but with a sense of humour. We look forward to her new explorations into the overlooked Singapore through images and sound"